Wealthy Coach LIVE is COMING!
5025 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019
February 22-24nd, 2018
9am-6pm Each Day
Space is limited!
Join us for WCA Live!

Wealthy Coach Live 2018 is coming...are you ready?!

As you saw from the recap video of Wealthy Coach Live 2017...this is THE event for coaches to scale their businesses in 2018. 

From connecting with the giants of our industry, to creating lasting friendships with other world changers, to getting the most up to date strategy on what you need to be successful in 2018 as a coach and social media influencer...

this is the event for you if you are a coach wanting to grow your business quickly and simply.

Here's what we are up to at this event!

1) Receive Live Sales Training with Sterling and our sales team: Get more YES's from potential clients, clear your blocks around selling, and consistently sell high-end packages and programs (means selling $1500-5k packages without feeling salesy!

2) Lead Generation On Demand: Want to learn how to create CONSISTENT high-ticket leads on your calendar so you know you'll have income week after week? We'll outline our system here which works no matter the size of your audience.

3) Create Your Content Calendar:
Have a full content calendar created, so you have total CLARITY as to what content to create for the next 90 days, and a repeatable process you can use to create future content.

4) GROW YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWING RAPIDLY: Do you feel stuck on how to grow your following on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook? Frustrated by the changes in the algorithm and don't what to do? I'll show you how to gain massive traction with your following, so you have more people reaching out to YOU to work with you on a regular basis.

5) LIVE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT AUDITS: Want to see what you're doing wrong with YOUR ACCOUNT and how to change your content and brand so you grow your following? I'll be auditing people's Facebook and Instagram accounts live and sharing what they can do to grow their audience and income. Come join me on stage!

6) EXPONENTIALLY UPGRADE YOUR COACHING ABILITIES: Want to know how to not only be a high performing coach, but get the blueprint for coaching high performers? I found the simplest way to earn more was learn a coaching process which allows me to sell to high performers, as they almost always have more income. Here's how you can be CONFIDENT your coaching process will transform the lives of the elite, no matter where you're starting from.

7) RECEIVE THE SECRETS OF PAID ADS TO SCALE YOUR COACHING BUSINESS: After we give you the secrets to grow your business organically, we'll share how to get started with Facebook Ads so you can turn $1 into $5 or $10 consistently. These are the secrets I used to take my students from $15k per month to $50k per month in 3 months!

8) Connect with Wealthy Coach Academy and Legacy Coach members from around the World: Create new friendships and lifelong bonds with the amazing and inspiring people in our community. I've found my community determines my destiny, so being around these world changers will make the difference in your bottom line.

9) Special Guest Appearances: Meet and connect with top industry influencers. We have some really special influencers joining us! (Last time was Lewis Howes, Amanda Bucci, and Jake Paul...and this time I'll have even better surprises to bring you. ;-))

10) Plus, there is so much more: Receive content and experience implementation activities regarding all the topics mentioned above and ANYTHING ELSE WHICH IS HOLDING YOU BACK FROM GROWING YOUR BUSINESS NOW. Plus, we'll have live Q&A with Sterling and the rest of the coaching staff
, awesome music and dancing too! This is RAPID TRANSFORMATION for you and your business, and it will be the most fun you've EVER had!

"It has far exceeded my expectations. Yesterday we heard from Amanda Bucci, Lewis Howes and Jake Paul and I've learned so much from these influencers that came to speak. I've also got to connect with people I've only ever met online in our online community. It's been amazing to actually connect in person with people and deepen our relationships. If you're on the fence about going to a live event I would just say go for it! I believe that you achieve reults and breathroughs by taking leaps."


"This live event has been everything the Academy was but then so much more. That blew my mind. The investment that I put in. It shocked me because I was at the point in my life where I never wanted to ask for help. I was the help for other people. I never realized that by getting myself help I could expand my impact by 5-10x. So this Live Academy has been the emobidment of all the energy that I accumulated throughout the 12 weeks I was in the online Academy."


"This Live Event has been the highlight of my past ten years. May even dare I say, the highlight of my life. When I invested into coming to this event it has been more than worth it and paid for itself in terms of value within the first three minutes of me being there. I have met influencers that have inspired me, that were the reason why I'm here in the WCA. But most of all I think the most valuable thing that I've gained from the WCA Live Event is I've gained some lifelong relationships with people who really really love me for who I am."


Wealthy Coach Live  - the Breakdown
To recap, here's everything you're getting from WCA Live!
  •  We'll be building out your coaching business on the spot
  •  CLARIFY YOUR BRAND, so you know how to authentically grow and connect with your audience.
  •  You'll walk away with your entire messenger process created and scripted, your organic lead generation dialed in, and your sales process mastered to where you can sell high ticket without being salesy!
  •  Get the SECRETS you need to grow your following quickly and easily on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!
  •  Create the perfect content using our targeted strategy to attract the leads you want!
  •  GET the exact system we've used with paid advertising to scale the Wealthy Coach Academy to a 7 figure business and beyond!
  •  Special guest appearances with some BIG TIME industry influencers!
Given everything that this event offers, the investment is a freaking steal at $297, and plus you get to bring a friend for $97! And we only have a limited number of tickets available!

Sign up now to join us LIVE!

Are you freaking in?!?

"It's the best decision I ever made. I would say if you're tired of settling and you're tired of being stuck this is the best decision you can make to improve your life as a whole. This is an amazing group of people."


"Everything I've learned today I guarantee is going to triple what I've already made. I'm excited to be here. Happy that I was able to link up with Sterling from his video on YouTube. And if you're thinking about doing something. If this is something you want to join, go ahead, go for it. It's the best decision that I've made for my career."


"It's been one of the most incredible experiences of my life you guys! I've met Lewis Howes, Amanda Bucci, Jake Paul and it's just a community of people who are here and want to give back and serve people. Do you have goals? Do you want to make connections? Do you want to improve your life and other people's lives? If the answer is yes then you need to come!"


Sign up now to save your spot! I can't wait to see you at Wealthy Coach Live!!


Sterling Griffin

Join us for Wealthy Coach Live 2018!
Space is limited!
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